Gerry Rayman

Dr Rayman is head of service at the Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, and the lead of the Diabetes Research Unit at Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust. He contributes to research into the complications of diabetes, particularly foot complications which includes diabetic neuropathies. His MD was on cutaneous microvascular haemodynamics in the diabetic foot and included investigation of neural control of microvascular blood flow. In recent years Gerry has developed a novel technique to detect small fibre neuropathy, the LDIflare technique with which he has demonstrated that small nerve fibre function is abnormal in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy even when other tests of neural function are normal. His research team have also shown that the test correlates well with pain symptom scores in patients with chemotherapy induced painful neuropathy. Dr Rayman has been involved in numerous trials of new therapies for prevention of diabetic neuropathy as well as for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy.

Gerry is a member of the Joint British Diabetes Societies guideline development group. He is Specialist Advisor to DiabetesUK and immediate past President of the Endocrine and Diabetes Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. He contributed to NICE guidelines on the diabetic foot, CG10 and CG119 and NG19. He is the innovator and is lead of the National Diabetes Inpatient Audit and has developed a number of new service initiatives to reduce harm to inpatients with diabetes.