Michael Edmonds

Michael Edmonds is Consultant Diabetologist at King’s College Hospital in London with a special responsibility for care of people with diabetes and foot problems. In 1981, realising the value of multidisciplinary care, he set up the Diabetic Foot Clinic at King’s College Hospital as a pioneering multidisciplinary service. The clinic quickly achieved a 50% reduction in major amputation and has been a leading exemplar of diabetic foot care. His work has had three main aims: firstly, to develop the best possible care of people with diabetic foot problems, secondly, to research into the causes of and devise new treatments for diabetic foot problems and, thirdly to teach health care professionals about the best care of the patient with a diabetic foot. In achieving these aims, he has created a new form of health care delivery, the multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Clinic, which has reduced major amputations and has benefitted countless patients with diabetes worldwide.